Who’s who in the office?

Here are some of the people you will speak

with when you call Tom's Hot Shot Service, Inc.

Nancy Y. does a little bit of everything here.  If you have questions she either knows the answer or will search until she finds you one!  She is Tamara’s right hand gal.  She keeps all the IFTA, DOT, IRP, and insurance documents correct and current, and the offices running smoothly.


Nancy R. is one of our newest additions! She takes care of the statements for our customers and getting the vendors paid.

Nancy comes with lots of professional experience and a smile that is always ready!

Our Administrative Assistant


Now delivering to 48 States; in and out of Canada too!

Tom's Hot Shot Service, Inc

Our Accounting Clerk

Tracee and Mike are the ones most of our customers speak with first.  They answer the phone calls that come in during the day, keeping PO #’s straight, and the drivers on the roads!


Tracee is one of our Daytime Dispatchers, she also works with DOT requirements; when we need an extra driver she fills in there too!.

Our Dispatchers



Our Payroll Clerk


Tana, came to us with lots of experience and a wonderful sense of humor! She is affectionately known  as “Giggles” We are pleased to have her join our team.  She sees that employees, and the government, are paid correctly !

Mr. B. (Mike) is our newest dispatcher. After being one of our drivers for a several years he is well aware of the ins-and-outs of what is needed by our drivers and our customers!