About Us

Tom's Hot Shot Service, Inc is a family owned and operated “On Demand” transportation business with the desire to become THE transportation company to call for all loads weighing up to 46,000 pounds coming into and going out of Campbell County Wyoming.

Our vehicle options range from small compact cars, that are cost effective for the smaller packages to a Semi tractor with a 48’ deck trailer that can haul 46,000 pounds.  Vehicles such as pick-up trucks with trailers, and enclosed cube vans are also options for our customers.  Seldom is there a time that we would be unable to accommodate the needs of the companies we service.

Located in Campbell County, Wyoming we are centered in Coal Mine Country!  Gillette boasts the title of the “Energy Capital of the Nation”.  There are significant costs involved when a coal mine or oil rig has equipment down and needs parts to fix them.  Many of the parts needed for these enormous  pieces of equipment are stocked in the Gillette area, which makes us an important link in the production process.  We travel outside of Campbell County to 48 States and Canada to pick up and/or deliver parts! 

You will always talk to a “REAL” Tom's Hot Shot Service, Inc employee when you call, no answering machines, or answering services!


Our Owners

Tom and Tamara